The future of online retail?

South Korea often provides a compelling glimpse as to what the rest of the world’s future could be like. Their incredible data infrastructure allows them to utilize technology in way that we can only dream about. 

This article talks about their online spending habits. It will be interesting to see how closely Western markets follow their example

Everybody’s getting in on this

It’s hard to read anything on the Internet without stumbling across news about self driving technology. The latest concerns Uber. They are in a prime position to take advantage of this technology, but they aren’t sitting around, waiting for others to develop the technology. They recently went on a hiring binge at Carnegie Melon’s technology lab and took 50 of their best technologists in this field.

My guess is that they want to develop enough proprietary technology that they are not overshadowed by the bigger players in this game when the time comes.

Yet another robot article

I know I post a lot about robots. It’s going to have a huge impact on our industry, not to mention just about every other industry out there. This article in the NYT talks about not just how robots will take jobs from the most skilled worker, but how AI will take work from the highly educated who presumed themselves to be irreplaceable.

Just a little scary and eye-opening.