Want to know the future of decision making?

From medical to legal to finance, Watson is coming to “take yer jerbs!” As IBM CEO Ginni Rometty commented: “I boldly predict that, in the future, every decision mankind makes, every decision, is going to be informed by a cognitive system like Watson, and, as a result, our lives in this world are going to be better for it”

Does that mean that, in 10 years, our collective cognitive ability will begin to decline in favor of better decisions made by the “machine”? I don’t even bother remembering phone numbers because I always have that information with me.

Read here about IBM’s plans for medical analysis:


Chinese manufacturing companies switching to robotics

For decades, companies have been able to manufacture in China cheaper than anywhere else because of lower labor costs. With the cheap labor available in almost every major city, China has been a nearly undefeatable manufacturing force. However, as labor costs have risen and the number of workers decreased many factories are looking to robotic technology to maintain their manufacturing advantage.


In Dongguan, manufacturing companies expect to replace over 30,000 workers with robots this year. And the trend seems to only be accelerating.

Process trumps relationships

An excellent read here:

Process trumps relationships

The article talks about how for years, we always assumed that relationships with the factory is the most important element in a good sourcing experience. They argued that, instead, having the right process in place before approaching a factory is much more important.

They argue that, instead, having the right process in place before approaching a factory is much more important. The process should be the constant variable in all relationships with Chinese factories. 

3DR Solo Drone is amazing

3DR is showing off their latest throne. It’s amazing to see it fly so effortlessly. Apparently, it comes out of the box ready to fly. You’ll need to add a gimbal and a GoPro camera to get full use as an ariel photo system. 

Read more about it here.